TMJ Dysfunction

Problems with the temperomandibular joint (jaw) are pervasive in our
culture. TMJ Dysfunction is complex and manifests itself with a very long list of symptoms. Generally it takes a team to address all of the various aspects of this problem.

Orofacial Myotherapy is one component of that team. We do not treat TMD (Temperomandibular Dysfunction) or, as it is now being known as, Craniomandibular Dysfunction. However – – Proper functioning of the muscles of the face and mouth are critical to the long-term success of treatment. And we can certainly help you achieve that! It’s what we do!

TMD is what led us to Orofacial Myotherapy. We get it. Did a muscle dysfunction cause our TMD or did we develop a TMD to accommodate our muscle dysfunction? We will probably never know. Either way – – Our goal is to help you manage it and manage it very well.