Open Mouth Posture

We all know what it looks like.

  • The lips are just never together.
  • The mouth hangs open.
  • The lower lip gets flaccid/larger.
  • The upper lip draws up closer to the nose.
  • The head may begin to project forward.

This is usually a result of airway obstruction caused by large tonsils and/or adenoids, allergies or a  blocked nasal airway, lingering until the muscle tone is poor and it is a habit.   It can lead to malocclusion.  It may include lip licking.

It will not take the whole village, but often it does take a team to correct the WHY of the Open Mouth. The pediatrician, ENT, allergist and more.  Orofacial Myotherapy is key in this team effort to retrain the muscles to proper function and appearance.

Open Mouth Posture is often used by Hollywood to portray a less than desirable persona.  Correcting this can be most beneficial to the self-perception of a young person as well as beneficial in inter-personal relationships.

Open Mouth Posture often leads to chronic gingival (gum) inflammation, especially on the front teeth.

Breathing through the mouth misses out on some of the benefits that are part of the design for breathing through the nose.  Breathing through the nose

  • filters out bacteria and other particles in the air
  • warms the air before it hits the lungs
  • moistens the air.

Benefits of correction of Open Mouth Posture–
Look Better!
Be Healthier!
Feel Better both Physically and Mentally!