Thumb Sucking

It’s hard to say that thumb sucking is bad when sometimes it actually begins while a baby is still in the womb. Who doesn’t see a sonogram of a precious baby already busily sucking her thumb and say, “How Sweet!” Moreover, an infant has to suckle to survive. But when this habit continues and has adverse affects on teeth, palatal development and even disfigures the digit being sucked– it is a problem.

Generally by the age of 5 the habit should have stopped. If it hasn’t, we can help!

  • Positive Behavior Modification
         – -A Cooperative Relationship, patient and therapist work together
  • Confidence Building
         – -Patient makes decisions that affect his own future. He develops skill in making positive
             choices and saying no to temptation.
  • Improves Socialization
         – -Eliminates a habit that makes the patient the brunt of teasing, ridicule and humiliation.

Chronic disorders related to thumb sucking:

  • Malocclusion and an open bite
  • Chronic mouth-breathing
  • Speech problems
  • Deformed hard palate
  • Social rejection

Works with all noxious sucking habits including thumb, fingers, pacifiers, clothing and blankets.
We work with All Ages. No stress, no judging–just the help you need.

Thumb Sucking Cessation Prior to Treatment

Thumb Sucking Cessation 11 weeks into Treatment


Prior to Treatment: Note the curvature and overlap.

After 3 Months: Note how much the fingers lay side by side and have straightened